Measle and the Wrathmonk


by Ian Ogilvy (Author),‎ Chris Mould (Illustrator)

A magical adventure story about an orphan called Measle who lives with his horrible guardian, Basil Tramplebone. Basil is a Wrathmonk – the worst kind of wizard – and when he find Measle playing with his beloved train set he zaps him with an evil spell. Now Measle’s only a few centimetres tall and trapped in the world of the train set. There’s a hungry bat in the rafters waiting for nightfall to swoop down on Measle and there’s an enormous cockroach after him, but Measle finds some friends in the train set and together they come up with a plan. BLIan Ogilvy has written two adult books and this is his first book for children. He is best-known as an actor. As well as starring in The Saint for a number of years, he has also appeared in many other TV productions, films, and West End stage plays. Ian will be coming to the UK for the publication of Measle and Wrathmonk in June 2004. BLQuirky black and white illustrations by Chris Mould which bring the story vividly to life


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