Dinosaur Cove: The Cretaceous Chase


by Rex Stone (Author),‎ Mike Spoor (Illustrator)

It really is awesome and Jamie and Tom love to explore their secret world of dinosaurs. But when Nacho the puppy decides to follow them into the Cretaceous, it can only mean one thing . . . trouble! As soon as Nacho sees a lizard speeding past, he's off! The boys and Wanna give chase but they can't find him anywhere. When they eventually catch up with him, they also stumble across a much bigger and more ferocious creature – it's an albertosaurus, and he's about to pounce on Nacho!

Can Jamie, Tom, and Wanna save Nacho and get him back home safely? Find out in this extra-long Dinosaur Cove adventure.


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ISBN: 9780192793928


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